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The deep desire for sisterhood


The need for ancient ceremonies and circles


The yearning to feel like you belong

Gather with other women


Find your community


Show up as you are and be fully embraced. 



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To be held in the strength, support, and empathy of other women is the gift of empowerment and validation. -Leslie G.

If you’re like us, maybe you’ve shied away from female friendships. You may have experienced feeling betrayed, hurt, confused and disheartened. Perhaps you never found your crew of like-minded women or maybe you’ve even sworn off all female relationships. 


We get it. We WERE you until we realized the power of sisterhood, of having a space for growth, of truly being seen, heard and supported by other women. 


Who saw the best IN us. 

And wanted the best FOR us. 

And in return, we offer the same. 

No drama. No competition. 

Just a deep desire to uplift and celebrate each other. 


And that’s the secret of ReVillage. The collective. We can go far alone but move mountains together. 


Now is the time for us to reunite as women and reclaim a huge part of our power. 


Each other. 


Are you ready to answer the call? 


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