• Are you the kind of woman that tends to “go it alone”?

    • Do you put on a front to appear perfect and like you have it all together? 

    • Are you uncomfortable with being vulnerable around other women?

    • Do you see women as gossipy, competitive, and untrustworthy? 

    • Do you crave a close relationship with women, but just don’t know who or how?

    • Do you want someone to just listen and not offer advice?

    • Do you believe that when women gather, magic happens?



If you answered YES to any of these questions we invite you to join us for 7-Layers Deep, a 7-week self-discovery program, exploring your deepest and highest self in the embrace of other women.

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Learning to trust sisterhood is the key to our greatest potential as individuals, as a community, and as a planet.


Using the chakras to focus the work and provide a holistic look into ourselves, you will learn to lean on, be vulnerable with, and show up for each other in a healthy and productive way.


As women, we have the power to be each other’s greatest teachers, if we allow ourselves to listen to, learn from, and trust that in the end, we all want what’s best for each other

How is 7-Layers Deep different from the rest of the personal growth programs out there?

Is this program for you?

At Re-Village we believe that self-discovery isn’t about the self, it’s about the collective.

A collective of women trusting other women.  

What we know to be true is that as women we find ourselves when we see ourselves in each other. 

We are more inclined to offer ourselves grace when we know our struggles are not ours alone. We become open to learning to love and trust one another when we break down the stigmas that have been fed to us.

And only then can we truly love and accept ourselves.

We want to debunk the myth that women can’t be trusted. That women like to see other women fall, and that women are caddy, gossipy, and have ulterior motives. 

Each week we will focus on a different chakra and how it relates to our life. We will start from the root and work our way to the crown so that we explore every inch of ourselves, uncovering our strengths and revealing the places that need some extra love. 

You will do this with other women in support of each other’s greatest potential.


Is this program for you?

7-Layers Deep is for any woman that has had a disconnected relationship with women in the past or present and wants to heal this wound by exploring the most vulnerable parts of herself in front of and alongside that of which she fears.  


It’s also for women...

  • Who would otherwise say, “no I’m good. I can do it myself” And also, know deep down that’s not true
  • Looking to make a shift in their lives, and don’t want to go it alone
  • That hold or want to hold sisterhood sacred 
  • That want deeper female relationships and connections with like-minded soul sisters who can help support a new way of being
  • Who want to do the work, need to do the work, who may be terrified and yet are still willing to jump in 
  • Who feel a calling, who want to learn to be bold in their convictions, brave in their actions, and ready to show up for themselves and each other
  • Who are looking to move beyond their comfort zone, into the sweet spot of vulnerability with a desire to be truly seen, heard and accepted


Amanda wasn’t always so pro-woman. In fact, it took her years to change her beliefs around female friendships since she was bullied by her “best friend” for most of her childhood. But through deep healing work and forging new, meaningful connections with women, Amanda changed her story. She no longer views women as mean, competitive or untrustworthy. She now believes that sisterhood is absolutely vital for her sanity, her personal growth and most of all, her joy! Amanda loves sitting with women in circle, listening and learning from each other, and holding space for real, authentic connection and transformation to occur. 


Heather struggled with female relationships from the beginning. She was seen as “too much,” “too loud,” or “intimidating,” yet “strong,” “capable,” and “has everything together”. This combination put a shield between her and other women. She didn’t know how to stand confidently in who she was, or how to shed light on her vulnerabilities. She took the role of leader in almost every endeavor, and most of her female friendships came out of those that looked to her for guidance. This is how she led most of her life until she found herself on a week-long women’s retreat. At the age of 38, she was finally ready to put down her walls and show her true self. Using her leadership skills, kind heart, and intuitive gifts, Heather wants to help other women do the same.

    • A solid community of women that serve as both sisters and support
    •  An appreciation that women are our greatest source for self-discovery and more powerful together than apart
    • A deeper understanding of yourself using the Hindu Chakra System as a tool for self-discovery 
    •  A connection to your femininity, sexuality, and sensuality 
    •  A desire to lean on women in times of despair and celebration
    •  A folder of writing materials to facilitate deep dives and self-reflection
    •  A weekly meditation and yoga practice based on each chakra  


Is this program for you?

Next round is January 17-February 28, 2022




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