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Hi, We are Heather and Amanda and we used to purposely avoid female friendships. 

Since we had come from a long line of failed ones, we created all these stories around women - how they were competitive, untrustworthy, catty, bratty, and dramatic. 

So instead, we dedicated our lives to being dominant, controlling, intense women in a man’s world. We were Alpha females who toned down their femininity to make it as successful fitness trainers and business owners. 



On the outside, we were buff, strong and determined. Amanda was a competitive boxer and Heather, a competitive basketball player and all-around jock. Both of us mothers, choosing to have unmedicated home births, we were no strangers to challenge. 

We fortified our hearts with dense muscle and soldiered on, spending years hustling, grinding away, working ourselves to the ground, and chasing success. 

But on the inside, we both craved a softening, a slowing down, a different way of doing things. 

We both needed sisterhood. 

We both desired ritual. 

And we knew we weren’t the only ones desperate for this. 

We danced around this for about a year but ultimately ended up on a retreat that changed our friendship and consequently, our life and thus inspired the creation of ReVillage. 

Through sitting in circle, we remembered our true nature as creators, witches, magic makers, healers, lovers, and vessels of life. 

We reclaimed the power of our blood, the rites of passage we have long forgotten, the beauty of the female form, the power of listening, the art of conversation, the joy of dancing, and the relief of being held

We leaned into what used to terrify us - our vulnerability, wounds, pains and transformed them into our passion and purpose. 

And if it worked for us, we know it can work for you, too.

It is through ReVillage we hope to awaken the collective feminine, inviting you to revive, rewild and remember….

Your power

Your worth

Your beauty

Your joy

Your magic


And you don’t have to do it alone. The secret ingredient is in the collective. 


Welcome home, Sis. 

We are so glad you are here with us. 

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Seeds of Sisterhood

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