We wholeheartedly believe in the power of the collective to heal and grow, but we also recognize sometimes you might want or need personalized, one-on-one attention

This is why we have individualized coaching options to help get you where you want to go. 

What’s cool about us is that we have very similar approaches, techniques, and results. 

But what sets us apart is our varying interests. 


Heather is all about accountability

She has a goals-driven mindset and knows exactly what to do to make shit happen. It’s no wonder she’s run a brick-and-mortar business for the last two decades! But she also loves going deep into your heart’s desires. She walks beside you every step of the way and will hold you to a line you set for yourself, ensuring that you show up, do the work and get results. In her signature approach, you will go through four phases: assessment, action, accountability, and arrival, so you know exactly where you are at and where you want to go. Additionally, Heather is drawn to inner child work and centers many of her conversations around healing the trauma we experienced as children. As a trained singer and dancer, she is no stranger to the power of using your voice and body as a vehicle for growth

Work with Heather

Amanda is the go-to for all things motherhood.

She is wildly dedicated to preconception preparation and guiding women on their path of becoming mothers. She aims to change the landscape of birth by helping women remember their power and reclaim their experiences. She wholeheartedly believes that birth matters and had two home births, the first being 70 hours! She is a practitioner of conscious parenting, is a pro-breastfeeding advocate (exclusively nursing for the last four+ years), and holds a deep respect for the physiological design of mothers and their babies. Amanda also has been learning about nutrition for the past twenty years and through her many phases, from restrictive eater to vegan, has ultimately landed in a place that feels balanced, aligned, and intuitive. 

Work with Amanda

7-Layers Deep

Our 7-week group coaching program for personal and spiritual growth

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Seeds of Sisterhood

Our 4-week program for those who feel called to lead circles

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