Full Moon Circles

As a way to welcome all women into our community, we hold a virtual monthly full moon circle. We gather on this mystical day to share our challenges, dreams, and fears and create magic!

We love to talk about juicy subjects like money, sex and relationships.

Circles may involve opening prayer, meditation, breathwork, partner exercises, journaling, reflective listening, council sharing, and ecstatic dancing.

You don't need any experience sitting in a women's circle to attend. However, to keep the space intimate, sign-up is required.

Check out the link below to reserve your spot.

I'm A Witch!

Birth & Blossom Rituals

As women, we experience so many rites of passages on our journey from maidens, to mothers then crones. 

But we live in a culture that overlooks these important milestones and offers no real acknowledgment, celebration, or significance. 

Part of ReVillage's mission is to help women and girls reclaim these life-changing events and bring an element of sacred ceremony to them. 

Like a first period or a pregnancy, these are moments that need to be ritualized and shared among us so we stay reverent to what links us all as an expression of the divine feminine. 

We can help you custom create an experience for yourself or someone you love, whether virtually or in person. These can be a Menarche Circle, Village Prenatal, Mother's Blessingway, or any other moment in your life that needs to be seen and held by others. 

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Weekend Women's Retreats

We all know that nothing beats real-life, in-person events. 

After each round of 7-Layers Deep and Seeds of Sisterhood, we hold a weekend getaway at Amanda's retreat home and art gallery, The Pocono Barn. Just two hours from NYC and Philly, it is a true sanctuary. 

These retreats are open to all women but course participants receive first dibs!

Happening three times a year, our signature ReVillage weekend immersions include nourishing meals, nature hikes, fire ceremonies, mindful movement and meditation, dancing, bodywork, women's circles, yoni talks, primal art-making...and so much more.

It is an experience you need to have for yourself to fully understand its magic.

Our next retreat is happening March 11th-13th, 2022.

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Destination Retreats

Fingers (and toes) crossed, we hope to host our yearly week-long ReVillage Retreat in Costa Rica in early 2022. We are patiently waiting for the next couple of months to unfold before making it a reality. Until then, we are keeping a close eye on the state of the world and making sure to make wise decisions for all involved. 

However, we know it is going to be of EPIC proportions and likely limited with the number of people we can bring, so if you feel called to experience a life-changing week with us and don't want to risk losing out, sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open for this adventure. 

See you on the beach, sister!

7-Layers Deep

Our 7-week group coaching program for personal and spiritual growth

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Seeds of Sisterhood

Our 4-week program for those who feel called to lead circles

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