Break the cycle?


Connect with your ancestors and matriarchal lineage?


Heal your relationship with your mother?


Investigate what beliefs and patterns are yours and what’s been programmed?


Let go of guilt, shame, codependency, victimhood, and perfectionism?


Forgive your mom for her mistakes and learn how to set healthy boundaries?


Take radical responsibility for yourself?


Do this deep inner work supported by the sacred circle of sisterhood?


In this 9-week virtual journey, we will explore where we came from, how we have carried generations of baggage, and what we want to leave behind so we can move forward and bloom!


Your mother's wounds don’t need to be yours.


Join us in Breaking the Cycle.

We begin March 21, 2022.

How is Root to Bloom different from the rest of the personal growth programs out there?

How is Root to Bloom different from the rest of the personal growth programs out there?

  • One weekly virtual women’s circle centered around a particular theme 

  • A weekly yoga class recording taught by Amanda 

  • A weekly guided meditation recording led by Heather 

  • Journal prompts and reflection questions to help you dig deeper

  • A dedicated accountability sister 

  • A safe community thread to share ideas and connect between circles

  • Love, support, and connection throughout the 9 weeks 

  • A welcoming community of ReVillage women

  • Lifetime access to course materials

Root to Bloom is for any woman wishing to break familial and ancestral patterns.


It's for women who...


Feel disconnected, have horrible boundaries, or complicated relationships with their mothers. 


Play roles such as primary caregiver, perfect daughter, black sheep, villain, or martyr. 


Have been let down, disappointed, or hurt by their mothers and are in need of acceptance, healing, and forgiveness. 


It's also for women who...


Have "good" relationships with their mothers but want to dive deep into the exploration of patterns, beliefs, and intergenerational wounds. 


Want to break the cycle to lead a life of their conscious choosing.


Are willing to explore all parts of themselves alongside other women. 

Root to Bloom is a great fit for women...

  • Who are looking to make a shift in their lives 
  • Who don’t want to go it alone
  • That hold or want to hold sisterhood sacred 
  • That want a deeper relationship with their mothers 
  • Who feel a calling to be a part of a group of women that honors  authenticity, radical honesty, confidentiality, and integrity 
  • Who are looking to move beyond their comfort zone, into the sweet spot of vulnerability with a desire to be truly seen, heard, and accepted
    • Be an active participant of breaking your generational cycle

    • Have a greater appreciation for and connection to your ancestors

    • Understand what you inherited from your mother and grandmothers vs what is your own

    • No longer be held back by childhood traumas 

    • Have reclaimed your blood and developed a new appreciation for your cycle 

    • Connect with and love on your inner child

    • Develop a deeper understanding of your relationship to sexuality, food, and spirituality

    • Learn to sit with women and hold sacred space 

    • Become a mirror for other women that share the same intentions 

    • Leave with a feeling of rebirth 

    • Acquire the tools to mother yourself 

    • Have a solid community of women to serve as sisters and support 

As the newest offering of our self-discovery programs, we are offering Root to Bloom at this one-time introductory rate!

 Pay in full: $997



Payment plan (2 installments): $527/month


 Payment plan (4 installments): $267/month