You want to hold your own women's circles but you don't know where to start.

You wonder if you are "qualified" enough to lead.

You loosely know the format of a circle but feel unsure how to structure it.

You're not sure where or how to find women, who like you, want to cultivate sisterhood.


This is precisely why we created our newest offering, Seeds of Sisterhood.




This four-week virtual program will give you the tools you need to create your own circles in your own community backed by the strength, support and solidity of sisterhood. 


Ask yourself this:

If not you, then who? 

If not now, then when? 


So what are you waiting for?! 


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Our four-week program covers everything you need, including:


* Discovering your WHY

* The general flow of a circle

* How you can weave in your own creativity and personality

* Establishing boundaries 

* What/if to charge plus finding women to sign up

* How to handle challenges and sensitive topics

* Sample themes and idea inspiration 


You will also be given an opportunity to host a mini circle within our community and receive feedback from your sisters.


The best way to learn about holding a sacred circle is to participate in circles.


Everyone and anyone can do this. It is simply an act of remembering and getting some practice. 


This is going to be such a gift to yourself and the women in your life.

In Week 1 we cover why you feel drawn to circle, brief history of the sacred circle, why it’s a women only space, and what makes it a ritual.

In Week 2 we cover finding a partner, setting an intention, spreading the word, if/what to charge.

In Week 3 we cover how to set simple limits, creating a non-hierarchical space, writing a manifesto, council sharing, reflective listening, confidentiality, and radical responsibility.

In Week 4 we cover preparing the space, making an altar, community check-in, opening the circle, ecstatic dance & music, reflective exercises, breath, and closing the circle.

Plus, you will also receive:

  • A list of sample themes and topics 
  • Playlists that highlight sacred sisterhood + the divine feminine 
  • A book, blog, podcast and resource list for additional learning 

Tips for Troubleshooting:

  • Dealing with sensitive topics/people
  • Power dynamics 
  • Individual needs 
  • Tangents 
  • Conflicts 



This is four-week program beginning January 2022.  

  • We meet four Tuesdays from 12-2pm EST for a women’s circle and group learning experience
  • We hold a one-hour live QR+A (Question, Reflection + Answer) every Friday at 1pm EST
  • We also have a private FB group that allows for dialogue between sessions



Are you feeling a full body YES? 


Great! Because we only want women who are TRULY committed to bringing this practice into their lives to sign for this program. If that’s you, join the waitlist


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